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           TE WHARE MAURI ORA (c) WIREMU GRAY 2017 

Why did I develop the Te Whare Mauri Ora model?  From many years of hearing the same stories from rangatahi I had worked with, continually saying that they felt judged and alienated from society. As a consequence, large numbers lacked confidence and self-belief. Many also felt ashamed of their cultural identity and heritage. This motivated me to find a way that would create positive change by helping rangatahi to see themselves in a more positive light. I believe Te Whare Mauri Ora can bridge this gap, by having strong bicultural elements, well-being and a cultural identity focus. 

Te Whare Mauri ora is a model that interweaves positive psychology and Te Ao Māori concepts, worldviews and frameworks. It pulls on Dr Martin Seligmans PERMA V,  5 ways to wellbeing,  7 Habits of happy people, Nā Mason Durie's Te Whare Tapa Wha, holistic wellbeing, Mauri ora and my own lived experience. 

Why positive psychology and a te ao māori approach? 

Well-being is traditionally viewed as something you think about tending to when you are suffering from poor health, illness, or struggling mentally. What we have learnt from the field of positive psychology, is that we should be more proactive and do things to support our well-being in any state of hauora. We can go from feeling okay to feeling fantastic, instead of waiting to be unwell to address our unwell-ness state. This can be achieved by creating some simple changes & habits in our day to day life. 

By incorporating a te ao Māori approach, it enables the ability for Māori, Pākehā and all New Zealanders, to develop a true sense of holistic Hauora / wellbeing, with a sense of tūrangawaewae / developing a strong cultural identity and connection to place, to Aotearoa / New Zealand. 

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                               Ko Wai Au?
                                                          Director & Author: Wiremu Gray MNZAC


   Ko Te ahu pātiki te mauka

 Ko Koukourārata te awa

 Ko Tahupōtiki te takata

    Ko Tūtehuarewa te Marae 

    Ko Kāti Irakehu te hapū

    Ko Kāi Tahu rāua kāti porou ōku iwi. 

    Ko Kuru rāua ko Mere Gray ōku matua

     Ko Wiremu Gray tōku ingoa.

"I've been a counsellor for over eighteen years now, working mainly in secondary schools supporting our rangatahi/youth. I'm passionate about the hauora of young people, and for all our diverse communities with being given equal opportunities to thrive. I hold onto hope and optimism with Aotearoa improving on our bicultural relationships, which will ultimately affect our multicultural engagements for a better Aotearoa for all".  


I am currently working with a large number of schools nationwide and social services. 

I am a member of leadership lab NZ & I'm a board member for Youth hub. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Ph: 021 106 9233

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